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CHAPTERS (numbered in German)

Vorwort - Preface
Eins ---- The Games Children Played (games of children in early 1900's)
Zwei ---- Delightful Food Tips (food and cooking tips)
Drei -----A Pictures of Health Hints (health hints - you'll get some smiles here)
Vier -----Housewife's Tip (household tips - some useful, some funny)
Fuenf ---Priceless Nursery Rhymes (you might remember these)
Sechs ---Old Wives Tales & Folk Lore (a few good 'ol fables)
Sieben --Retail Therapy (advertisements of years ago)
Acht ----What's Cookin' Now (very old recipes)
Neun --- Historical Honey's (old photographs of an Iowan town)
Zehn --- The Life of the Party (house parties of the gay 1890's)
Elf ------ Strike a Pose ( Abodes of Denison residents)
Zworlf -- Keeping the Memories Alive (Memories of past and present residents of SSR)
Dreizehn - Freeze Frame (Several photo's of past Denison residents - and a few of retired people)

The book is around 452 pages with a couple pages at the end for your personal notes

I am a member of the P.E.O. Sisterhood, so throughout the book it is favored by mentioning ladies holding membership in the early 1900's. Also a story of the beginning of P.E.O. Chapter CO in Denison.

The book begins and ends with a Bible verse - God was guiding my ideas in writing (or putting together this book).

The "authors" of this book are truly the people who lived in Denison and other villages 100 years ago - I am only putting their life style to pen and paper.

Before reading this book, please note that I have purposely left the spelling and terminology in its original form. I hope you will enjoy reading this as much as I have enjoyed compiling all the fun and informational history of our ancestors.

It is a joy for me to have remarks on the back cover from Eric Braeden, Film and television icon and Emmy award winning star of CBS's The Young And The Restless (Victor Newman).
Steffen Kaupp, visiting Instructor of German, St. Olaf College Northfiewld MN. from Konstance Germany and
Dr. Yogi Reppmann, Northfield, MN.
Please let me know if you are interested in my book -
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